Jinx and the Tale of Lanky the Lemur by Steven Narleski

A story of a young dog named Jinx and her friend Lanky the Lemur, Jinx and the Tale of Lanky the Lemur is a rhyming picture book for children. Written by Steven Narleski and illustrated by him and Leanne Tursi, the story begins by explaining all of the fun that the two titular characters have together, as they play various sports, and perform other entertaining activities side by side. Even though the pair is inseparable and they always have a good time together, the other dogs notice how different Lanky is from the rest of them, and it’s not long before trouble starts to brew. Billy the bulldog, who lives up to his name, begins to bully Jinx and Lanky both, calling out Lanky’s differences and questioning why Jinx would want to hang out with him in the first place. Billy’s taunting starts to get to Jinx and she begins to wonder what she should do. It doesn’t take her long to realize that it doesn’t matter what Billy says, Lanky is her best friend and she is going to stand up for him no matter what it takes. And she does just that, she tells Billy she doesn’t care what he thinks, and continues to be Lanky’s friend, the other dogs realize that Jinx is right and leave Billy and his ignorant pact to become friends with the two best buds.

The narrative moves along quickly from setup, to conflict, to the resolution, at a pace children will find enjoyable. The rhyming of some of the sentences will also be sure to bring a smile to the young readers’ faces as they follow Jinx and Lanky through this tale. The illustrations are colorful and fit the story perfectly, and it’s obvious that the illustrators have artistic talent, we just wish they were polished a little bit more, as it is appears that they were created using color pencils. That being said, if that is all the illustrators had to work with, we offer them kudos for creating nice illustrations with limited materials. This is a nice story to use as an example of how to face bullying head on, by believing in yourself and your friends, and refusing to change just because others might not agree with you.

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