Jonny Plumb and the Queen of Iceland by Kim Wheeler

four stars

kimThe fifth book in the Jonny Plumb series by author Kim Wheeler, Jonny Plumb and the Queen of Iceland is an engaging chapter book for young children. This story follows Jonny as he travels to Iceland with his trusted dogs Legion and Legend in order to seek out the mysterious eleven singing Runes. It is by no means an easy journey for Jonny and his pup friends, as they have to overcome a lot of natural obstacles on their journey, everything from crossing a raging river, to traversing a volcanic field, to climbing a glacier, and even finding a cave behind a raging waterfall. As they trudge on, aiming to find the Queen of Iceland, they find a snake who talks rather strangely, and other rather scary creatures like the Angkas, the Hairy Growlers, and the Greedy Gobblers. If those names aren’t enough to frighten you, just wait until you read about what they look like. By the time Jonny and the dogs finally find the Queen of Iceland, his mission seems to become even more complicated, as everything is not entirely what it may appear to be.

This is a great series for children who love fantasy and enjoy stories that are full of a number of interesting creatures and characters. It’s the perfect length for young readers who are ready to tackle longer stories, and the fact that it is a series allows them to continue along with each epic tale Wheeler has devised about her hero, Jonny Plum. There are a handful of colorful illustrations scattered throughout the book, which is a nice touch that aids children’s imaginations when thinking about the story’s settings and characters. A lot of the book is written in dialogue, which at times can bog the story down and take away from the magical world, but overall this is an entertaining book and we look forward to the final tale in the series.

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