Journey of the Guru by Richard B. Mahase


An enigmatic book that is both a biography and a spiritual guide, Richard B. Mahase’s Journey of the Guru: Biography of His Holiness Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj: Science of Seva tells more than just the story of the aforementioned subject, as it also explores the timeless spirit of Hinduism. The religion is explored within these pages by going over the different rituals and worship rites, as well as evaluating the resolute, unquestioned loyalty to the concept of seva (service) and of guru bhakti (which means complete submission to the teacher.) The book makes Hinduism accessible to the western reader by illuminating the aspects of it that make it so universally appealing. Many people can use the book to help themselves find a certain sense of celestial liberation. The book is by no means a light read, as it chronicles many individuals who are important in the Hindu religion. There are many black and white photographs throughout that help shed light on the religion and how certain people and practices factor into the larger picture.

Mahase has certainly aimed high at chronicling Hinduism and the important of people who have played a part in shaping the religion in this lengthy book, and for the most part he exceeds at his goal. While the narrative is by no means a brief one, he has organized it in such a way that it is accessible to all readers, even those who may not be very familiar with the subject matter. By including the viewpoints of many, Hinduism is explored through a wide lens, thereby allowing the reader to learn about it without bias or objective ideals that are too strict to shift or bend. This book will appeal to anyone who is already a follower of Hinduism, and those who are aiming to learn more about it.