June Rain by Brandon Knightley


juneFor many people, high school is either the greatest or the worst time of their life, but for Dante Giacoso high school is a rather neutral time, neither the beginning nor the end of anything. It is simply a time of self-discovery, introspection, and independence. Dante spends much of his time during senior year alone, considering the path that may be before him, like college, and the things that he may be good at, like mathematics. However, when there is a scheduling difficulty and Dante is placed in Senior English instead of Honors English, his eyes are opened to a whole new world, a world where Helen Dellasante, a girl that he had once considered to be plain and unexceptional, holds an important key to understanding the meaning that life can hold. June Rain is a story of love, growth, and faith. When a simple gesture, like offering an umbrella when it is raining, can change the whole course of a life, it becomes nearly impossible to not believe in a higher power, in something that can bring a sense of fate to a rainstorm in June.

June Rain by Brandon Knightley is an interesting look into young adulthood, how love forms, and what it means to be spiritual. Knightley’s characters are beautifully crafted and honest, each with their own stories and backgrounds, each with their own human flaws. Knightley’s writing itself is exquisite, making something that might otherwise seem mundane, seem beautiful and worthwhile. Even if one does not believe in a long-lasting high school romance, it is hard to not believe in and support the love that Helen and Dante have for one another. Additionally, Knightley’s writing is well-educated and well-researched, dipping into areas of philosophy that Knightley seems very comfortable expounding on, areas that give the entire novel a deeper sense of purpose.

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