Just Marked by Kevin Fahsholtz

four stars

markedJust Marked tells the story of the “Marked,” a group of people in each generation sent back in time. Each person retains their knowledge of the future, but wind up back in their teenage bodies; their purpose to guide the present to a better future. When a serial rapist and murderer starts attacking women in 1980’s Seattle, Detectives Alex Jolley and Carl Williams work the case. While the crimes are happening Matt Lowenson, the newest Marked, struggles to make sense of his new life. When he hears of the crimes Matt begins providing information to the police he shouldn’t know, and together they must race to catch the murderer before anyone else gets hurt.

Author Kevin Fahsholtz has created something truly unique with Just Marked, a fantasy-driven mystery novel. The fantastic parts are at the forefront of this novel; forced time travel and Biblical heritage blend to tell the story of modern-day prophets affecting change in the world. There is a second layer of story, the detective novel, interweaving with the fantastic. In similar stories one of the genres tends to be weak, added on by an inexperienced writer. Fahsholtz however deftly tells both stories and stitches them together into a captivating story. Getting in the way of enjoying the story are occasional typos throughout the text; missing words, jumbled sentences, and misspelled words are all present. The author also has a tendency to repeat aspects of the story, an unfortunate side effect of the detectives rehashing the facts in the case. These minor annoyances don’t detract from the overall story though, and shouldn’t hinder anyone from picking up this novel. Whether a fan of fantasy, mysteries, or just good writing, be sure to make Just Marked your next read.

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