Keen Plot of Agent X by Eugene Balakirov

four stars

keenThe fourth book by author, Eugene Balakirov, Keen Plot of Agent X is a thrilling crime novel that follows Agent Knox as he tries to find the perfect balance between the Russian and American governments. By placing his main character in the real world, intertwining historical facts into his fiction, Balakirov weaves a thrilling tale of greed, power, corruption, and suspense. Agent Knox is the kind of agent who has experienced it all, everything from mobsters taking over cities, undercover operatives dragging him into dangerous situations, and powerful leaders using their leverage to get what they want, no matter the costs. When Knox gets involved with Cuban intelligence, and gets pulled into a web of deceit that may just end up resulting in the kind of quagmire he can’t escape, he has to use his wit and intelligence to figure out a solution to his dire problems.

The way that Balakirov writes is in an engaging, fast-paced style that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. By constructing dynamic characters, using well-research historical facts and anecdotes, and placing realistic dialogue throughout his narrative, the story of Keen Plot of Agent X comes fully alive on the page. This is the kind of thriller that will keep you guessing from beginning to end, as you try to figure out the many twist and turns that come along Agent Knox’s complicated journey.

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