King and Crown by Peter Fifield

Peter Fifield’s King and Crown is one adventure after another right from the get-go. When struck on the back of the head by a tree, Robert Wheeler finds himself magically transported to Glastonbury, England in the 1700’s with no memory of his previous life or purpose. He unwittingly finds himself embroiled in a long dispute between a family of dwarves and the crown of England. In order to allow the unusual family to live a life of freedom and happiness, Robert must make a journey to see the king of England and restore a priceless treasure to its rightful owner. However, no good deed goes unpunished and Robert’s journey takes some unexpected twists, which end with him spending some time as a ‘guest’ in the king’s dungeons. So it comes to be that Robert’s noble quest is passed along through generations until the right ruler sits upon the throne and the right hero makes his case.

Fifield’s novel is an easy and fun read, though at times it borders on positively cheesy. The world of King and Crown is one where love at first sight is not just a myth, the good guy wins in the end, and most of those involved do actually live something close to happily ever after. There are no earth-shattering surprises and the characters are all exactly what they claim to be. The novel is a pleasant way to spend an evening and it reminds one to appreciate good fortune and make the best of what might initially seem to be bad.

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