King Rooster and Little Chicken by Les C. Newvine

four stars

lesThis illustrated children’s book opens with King Rooster proudly perched on the farm fence, crowing to wake everyone up for another new day. King Rooster rules the roost over the other chickens, paired with Mother Hen who will soon be giving birth to a new batch of baby chicks. When a baby boy chick is born, King Rooster feels proud to be a father once again. Every day a young girl comes to feed the chickens with grain. As time passes, King Rooster’s baby chick surprisingly does not grow bigger like the other chicks, which worries King Rooster. Soon his disappointment turns to anger and he scolds Little Chicken for not growing up big and strong like him. Mother Hen overhears this exchange and becomes upset, scolding King Rooster and comforting Little Chicken. She encourages and tells him he is special for a reason, and is just fine the way he is. Eventually, a dangerous situation comes to overtake the coop, and Little Chicken decides to be brave to prove his father wrong. To find out what happens in the end, you’ll have to read the book!

King Rooster and Little Chicken by Les C. Newvine is an entertaining story that has many values and morals for young children. It shows the dynamics of family and friends that are applicable to people, through the lives of a bunch of barnyard chickens. The colorful illustrations go along with the story perfectly, and bring it to life in vibrant shades. At times it does feel like there is a great deal of text on the page, but nevertheless the story is fast moving and children are sure to watch as Little Chicken faces his fears and comes to save everyone in the end.

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