Knight in Shining Alien by Ginger Branch

Knight in Shining Alien? by Ginger Branch


Hailey is your average single girl. With more than a few relationship battle scars her attitude toward the opposite sex is less than genial. After being treated horribly and having a breakdown she has retreated from the dating scene and resolved never to fall in love again. However, one morning her life changes forever. Thrust rudely and unexpectedly into a completely different world she struggles to find her bearings. With no one in sight to come to the rescue she attempts to free herself until a fine specimen of an alien is placed in a nearby cell. Suddenly she finds herself drawn to an otherworldly creature wholly unlike any man she ever encountered on Earth. Will Jarrek free his would be beloved and tame her wild nature or will the Krakill, sworn enemy of Jarrekā€™s people, concur the galaxy and wipe the face of the Earth in the process? Only the Goddess of Life can determine the ever intertwining fates of Hailey and Jarrek the future King of Athria.

An entertaining read, Knight in Shining Alien pulls together a myriad of things that make a book worth reading. While the characters could have had more depth, they were believable and warranted your attention. Our heroine shows character growth throughout the story which is a wonderful way to move the action along, which there is plenty of in this book. From start to finish the author takes you on a wild ride through the far reaches of space featuring alien battles and ritualistic torture, things that have long captured the imagination of the human race. Along the way Branch humanizes the whole experience by lining the story with two things we all can identify with, lust and love.

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