Lady in Red by E.V. King


lady in redLady in Red is not what you might expect at all. E.V. King has written not only a romantic and erotic tale of joy and sorrow, but of pleasure and pain. Through the main character, Estelle’s, inner turmoil and tendency to lead a quiet, wallflower like existence King hits home for those who live similarly – viewed as average looking and who behave accordingly. This story depicts how societal beliefs and expectations play a powerful role in the choices that most people are willing to make. Estelle and her lover Milo face issues from an apparent difference in age to their preferences in the bedroom. King doesn’t make everything crystal clear within the story though. Instead, the reader has to pay attention and allow his or her imagination to flow, so that the gaps can be filled in. The lovers go their own ways until years later when they reconnect and choose to forgo what society says they should or shouldn’t do. With an illicit and erotic affair they lie to those who trust them most, so they can indulge in their fantasies of submission and control.

Even though Lady in Red is well written, E.V. King’s storyline is not for the faint of heart. Caution should absolutely be used when reading King’s tale of Estelle and Milo. There is explicit sexual activity and foul language. However, the most concerning aspect of the Lady in Red is the violence and control that these two characters thrive on in their relationship. From Milo choking Estelle during sex to constantly calling her degrading names to her being excited over his full and total control King makes it clear that their relationship is not one that would be considered normal. If one can look past the physical violence and what many consider verbal abuse, the message of being true to oneself and not succumbing to what is said to be normal will, hopefully, ring through loud and clear.

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