Lay Them Down to Sleep by Amos Williams


Lay Them Down to Sleep follows the main character, Detective Lee, as he aims to solve a murder mystery. A lot of character development and exposition are packed in from the start, as author Amos Williams has written an intense piece of fiction. The beginning of the story starts by explaining Lee’s previous heroin addiction that he still struggles with every day, the fact that he is a cop only further complicates this matter. When Lee and his partner arrest a criminal and find a great deal of heroin stashed away in his car, Lee can’t help but swipe a few of the packages for himself. The reader follows along in horror as Lee is unable to face his demons, as he fills up a syringe and shoots up, getting high off the powerful drug. After his heroin induced hallucinations begin to cease, Lee has a vision of a girl named Cindi Swann. It seems as if she is asking Lee for help, because her figure is more ghostlike than anything else in the vision she comes to him in, and it may just be because she is no longer alive. It may just be that she was murdered, and needs Detective Lee to overcome his addiction so that he can figure out who ended her life.

While the story itself is rather engaging and causes the reader to want to continue reading, Williams’ writing is a bit jumbled and all over the place at times. It could use further editing and organization, as the long paragraphs and very little dialogue may dissuade the reader from becoming fully entrenched within the story, as they should be. Gritty, realistic and raw, Lay Them Down to Sleep has a dark tone that is sure to pull many readers in, but due to the missteps along the way, many readers will also look the other way.