Lazlo’s Revenge by Glen Hierlmeier

four stars

lazloGlen Hierlmeier’s latest historical romance novel, Lazlo’s Revenge, is the story of one woman’s adventure throughout Europe to uncover her parents’ pasts. Stories of romance, war, and trauma, both physical and emotional, are unearthed as she traces their footsteps back to the World Wars I & II. During her journey, the people who influenced her parents’ lives fascinate Max, a writer and Swiss war correspondent. She follows the life of Lazlo Floznik, who saved her parents and helped them escape catastrophe in Europe by finding refuge beyond the reach of the enemy security forces. Max explores her family roots, in this deeply emotional story tied together by Lazlo’s intense story of love, and that of his father, Miklos, before him. With her research spanning the years prior to World War I through World War II, Max embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

Hierlmeier expertly weaves the complex tapestry of war, love, and discovery. Wartime struggles and pain jump off the page and envelope the reader into the settling dust of destruction created by an encroaching enemy. Through all the fear and uncertainty, Heirlmeier keeps the hope of survival and love alive in his characters. As Max begins to uncover the story of her family’s origin, she discovers the tenacity and sheer will of her ancestors as well as their commitment to each other and those displaced by war. With deft skill often found in good fiction, Heirlmeier masterfully creates a sweeping epic anchored by strong characters. The accurate and poignant historical references are sure to delight any historical reader. The feeling of real life adventure helps this novel break through the barriers of its historical genre to entice readers of all genres.

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