Lecture Notes on Physics by Sujaul Chowdhury

four stars

notesLecture Notes on Physics serves as both lectures notes and a textbook. Broken up into four parts, the lectures were collected by Sujaul Chowdhury after he instructed several courses to second year Physics majors, third year Physics majors, and fourth year Physics majors at Shahjalal University of Science. The book serves as a textbook as well as study guide for the dedicated pupil. Part A focuses on Mathematical Physics, covering topics such as vectors, special functions, and complex analysis. Part B focuses on Classical Mechanics, and it covers Newtonian Mechanics, Hamiltonian formulation of Newtonian Mechanics, Kinematics, and more. Part C focuses on Classical Electrodynamics, revisiting vector analysis as well as diving into electrostatics and magnetostatics. Part D concludes the textbook with an in-depth look at Solid State Physics.

Upon first glance, Lecture Notes on Physics, to the everyday person—one who is not studying at Shahjalal University of Science—is intimidating at best. Covering a vast array of topics in about 500 hundred pages, Chowdhury’s work is daunting, yet something to applaud. The notes are as extensive as they are exhaustive; the examples that accompany them are clean and straightforward. As a professor, Chowdhury knows how to cover his bases and anticipate the student’s (or in this case, reviewer’s) questions. This is not to say the book is easy. We definitely didn’t understand 95% of the topics (though this is no fault but our own). However, Sujaul Chowdhury’s Lecture Notes on Physics makes us think that, had we had this book in school, we definitely would have passed our Physics class. Probably.

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