Leprechaun Sorrows by Quentin Donoghue

Depicting the Irish countryside in a manner of splendor and glory, ‘Leprechaun Sorrows: A Magical History of Ireland’ by Quentin Donoghue is a delightful tale about a lustful little leprechaun by the name of Cullen. This complex story follows the titular character on his journey to find the fairy spirit which caused him to be so overcome with physical longing in the first place. His adventure takes him through the country of Ireland which is described in a thoughtful and beautiful way, ranging through both place and time as the story meanders on across the lush green landscape. The tale is full of quite a number of characters and interesting happenings, amusingly filtered through the lenses of romance, comedy and magic.

Donoghue has worked a great deal of material into this book, filling its pages with humor and adventure, whiling also slipping in scenes of eroticism and violence. Although the main character is a tiny little leprechaun, it is not a book for young readers; rather the narrative is a somewhat complex one that should be tackled by adults who enjoy a comical tale told in the scope of a magical place. The story does jump around a lot, but the characters and storyline that Donoghue has crafted are creative and imaginative enough to keep the reader entertained. By reading this work, it is easy to tell his great love for Ireland, which is so lovingly defined throughout the book. As the book’s description states, this novel is the kind of story that will upset a few, entertain and charm most of those who read it, and become a precious gem in the minds of the Irish and those who wish they were.

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