Let Your Light Shine by Kristen Delay

Let Your Light Shine is a children’s story about a young firefly who has lost his ability to shine. Written by Kristen Delay, the narrative starts off with Flash losing his ability to glow, for unknown reasons to him and all of the other fireflies. After speaking with his mother and father, Flash follows their advice to try and find the things that make him happy and explore his natural talents, as his parents believe that this will help Flash find his light again. Flash leaves the magical garden he lives within and ventures out into the world, stopping along the way to go on various exciting escapades with the different animal friends he finds. Along the way he swims with a beautiful fish, flies high in the sky with a bird, hops along with a frog, and explores the darkness of the night while playing with a rollie pollie. In the end, Flash not only finds his light, but he also comes to understand that happiness comes from doing the things you love, and just being yourself.

This is an endearing story that children of all ages will enjoy. Not only does it come with a message, but it includes fun and playful animal characters that kids will find cute and entertaining. Although the version of the story we had the pleasure to read and review did not contain illustrations, the characters that Kristen Delay has created came to life on the page. Once artwork is added to the book, it is sure to shine to its fullest potential, just as little Flash shines again at the end of the story.