Licking the Taboo by Paul Salvo


William Lang Jr., a liberal journalist from New York City, is in desperate need of a change. Recently divorced and suffering from a mid-life crisis, 41 year old William is tired of being brought down by his friends, Peg, his man eating ex-lover, and Janet, a man loathing lesbian. The story begins with William pitching his his next journalism project to Peg and Janet. For his latest gimmick, he will relocate to a rural, conservative New York town for one year, in order to discover what it means to be an American. Between the snarky remarks from his friends, and his boss’ rejection of the piece, William can’t catch a break. He becomes even more determined to prove that this experiment will reveal a story worth telling. He decides to cut himself off from his life in New York City and head to Littleton, New York and live as his conservative alter ego, Jack Stone.

Paul Salvo’s Licking the Taboo is a fiction piece about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Readers will be instantly drawn into the thought process of William, the main character, who’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is refreshing and nonstop entertaining. The author successfully shows the audience the true nature of his characters through the narrator’s confessional reflections. Although controversial at times, William’s conversational tone makes him a believable narrator that readers will fall in love with after just the first page. The story takes an unexpected romantic turn that adds an interesting conflict in the second half of the book. The love story that unfolds is both sexy and endearing, and makes this book a steamy pleasure. Licking the Taboo is a book about seeking new perspectives and finding love in an unexpected place. It is a well written and engaging read.

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