Life and Soul of Bowls Downunder by Ross Thompson

Life & Soul of Bowls Downunder by Ross Thompson

In his book Life & Soul of Bowls Downunder, Ross Thompson discusses the history of various bowls clubs in Australia. He selected the clubs that shine among other clubs; those which contain a special story. Thompson’s book not only informs others of the roles each club has played in the success of the sport, but also tells others throughout the world the story of bowls. Thompson brings the world of bowls to life in his book in an engaging and informative way.

Bowls is a sport where the objective of the game is to roll balls so that they stop close to a smaller ball called a “jack” or “kitty.” The game is normally played outdoors on a flat surface. It seems similar to another game called bocce, where you roll large balls towards a small ball. Life & Soul of Bowls Downunder takes a look at several bowl clubs such as Sandy Bay, Mount Isa, Frances, and several others. It was interesting to read not only the history behind each club, but also the history of the sport. One club, Coolangatta, was suspended for a year because it defied the rules and regulations of the sport. Another club, Guyra, is known as the highest club in the world. Each one of the clubs has a fascinating story that makes readers want to not only try the sport, but also makes them want to visit each one of the clubs Thompson mentions. Readers can easily get wrapped up in the stories portrayed as much as they would in any fiction novel. The pictures Thompson included are an added pleasure because they show how some of the clubs look alike yet differ. The book is very well written, and provides a great deal of information. Any sports lover would enjoy this very well written and highly informative book.