Life by Justin Surd


This short novella, which the author subtitles as being ‘a mystery conspiracy, based on a true story,’ starts out contemplating the big questions of how we have all come to be alive in this world. It’s no surprise that the author, Justin Surd, chose the singular word ‘Life’ as the title of this narrative. Amy and Thomas bring their son Aaron into the world with many hopes for his future, but as the constraints of modern day life seem to surround them, they wonder if they will be able to provide for him in the way that they wish to. As he grows, Aaron doesn’t thrive or succeed in any specific terms, and his parents begin to worry that he will never reach his full potential.  The story is interlaced with ideas of philosophy and why things are the way they are, these very subjects sandwiching the story as the tale continues on. While people contemplate the notion that the end of the world may soon be coming, with talk of the Anti-Christ arriving soon, Aaron tries to find his way.

This shorty story aims to cover a lot of ground in only about fifty pages, and while it does succeed at bringing up interesting topics, it is bogged down by too many theories and information that is rather unorganized and randomly placed. The story of Aaron and his parents does not connect in the way it should to the other concepts and ideas that are described. While there are portions of the book that are enjoyable to read, the story would function much better if it was expanded and organized into more of a narrative, rather than a mixed up collection of seemingly unrelated stretches of text.

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