Lifelong Movements for Kids by Daniel Fallon 

Lifelong Movements for Kids written by Daniel Fallon and illustrated by Paul Winward is a truly engaging book for children of all ages to enjoy. As the subtitle ‘21 Simple Exercises in 21 Minutes – with Snowflake the Fitness Guru’ suggests, this book explains why exercise is so important for us, and offers up twenty-one different every day exercises that children can do throughout the day. The author pairs these exercises with common daily activities, so that the children are exercising without even having to change their usual routine. Some examples include ‘Getting out of Bed – Sit Up,’ ‘Passing Mum and Dad the Pots and Pans – Lunge’ and Time to Put the Duvet Cover Back On Ready for Camping in the Great Outdoors – Lateral Raises’ just to name a few. Each exercise is paired with helpful illustrations and tips to instruct on how to perform each activity. Reps and sets are also recommended for different skill sets.

Throughout this book there are playful and informative illustrations of Snowflake the gorilla, who demonstrates the exercises. As the introduction informs, Snowflake is based off of a real gorilla who once lived in the Barcelona Zoo. This book is wonderful from beginning to end, as it is highly organized and very helpful. There is a great deal of content included within its pages, so to receive the most from reading, we suggest parents share the book with their younger children and help them along the way. Older children will most likely be able to use the book on their own to benefit their health and exercise routines. With obesity becoming a major problem in many countries around the world, a book like this that encourages young people to both exercise and read, in a safe, fun, and easy to follow way, is a true treasure that we cannot speak of highly enough.

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