Lincoln’s Hat: And the Tea Movement’s Anger by David Selcer

four stars

hatHarlan Pomeroy, a highly educated writer, is not a racist. He is in love with and marries Sally Hairston, a free Black. He hates President Lincoln so much that he tries twice to have him assassinated. In his eyes, Lincoln is a socialist who’s ruining the country by opening the floodgates of immigration to Irish, German and Italians to serve as cannon fodder in the Civil War. After Booth kills Lincoln, Pomeroy supports Andrew Johnson against the radical republicans in Congress, which leads to political gridlock, the impeachment of Johnson and the downfall of the South’s reconstruction. Instead of the rule of law, the Ku Klux Klan takes over in a rule of terror that sweeps the southern states with lynching and allows carpetbaggers to perpetrate their frauds. One of the casualties is Pomeroy’s own wife who winds up hung in a Klan raid. Trying to piece together his life after this devastating blow, Pomeroy discovers that you can’t fix past wrongs no matter your intentions.

Tackling the darker side of the human psyche, Lincoln’s Hat delves into the depths of how far you are willing to go for what you believe in. Pomeroy is instantly likeable for his commitment to his convictions while still giving the reader pause when he reveals his intentions. Abraham Lincoln’s assignation was a pivotal moment in America’s history. As such, the author is tasked with convincing the reader that Pomeroy really is a good guy fighting for what he believes in. David Selcer doesn’t pull any punches and gets right down to the business of how to assassinate a sitting president. With deft and insightful accuracy, Selcer chronicles the life of a young man trying to make his world a better place, the best way he knows how. Readers will be drawn into his passion and penchant for depicting a dream of peace and prosperity for all. They will stay for the powerful portrayal of one of the darkest times in American History. Lincoln’s Hat is must read for any historical fiction fan.

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