Locker Rooms by Patty Lesser

‘Locker Rooms’ by Patty Lesser asks some of the most important questions we all wonder about: What happens to us after we die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Do the good deeds and the sins we commit during our life affect what happens to us after we’re gone? Unfortunately, as Alida discovers, sometimes even the good souls of earth are forced to suffer in the afterlife, as she finds these beings are imprisoned by vengeful demons. Alida has to battle a wicked devil in order to try to free these good souls and return them to their burial grounds, where they can rest in peace. Alida puts her life at stake in order to turn the wrongs right, and give those who have passed on the eternal warmth that they deserve.

This is a book that covers it all, ranging from characters with hearts of gold, to evil creatures that are only bent on causing others pain and suffering. Lesser develops a strong character in that of Alida, who is a protagonist that readers will be rooting for until the very end. Not only does the narrative focus on what happens to us after we pass, it also explores the difference between how religion and history have shaped the world, and how good and evil will always be battling against each other. Alida changes a great deal from the beginning until the conclusion of this tale, and her development is a sure sign of Lesser’s talent, as she crafts a cunning strong female heroine to be the anchor of her story. All in all, ‘Locker Rooms’ is a supernatural novel that will both delight and cause fright for anyone who explores its pages.

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