Love Code by May Koliander

In May Koliander’s Love Code, we follow the story of mid-twenties character Evangeline. In what starts off as a wild, erotic dream, Eve wakes up wondering what the fantasy means for her life and her future. In an attempt to follow the dream’s foretelling, Eve sets off on the adventure of a lifetime: crashing parties, driving convertibles, and searching for her soul mate. It’s not all fun and games though – with the scrutiny and mind games of her sister, an apparent love triangle, and even a deadly diagnosis, the tale turns into a prioritization obstacle. What will come out on top: Eve’s well-being, or her love? Or are the two more intertwined than she ever thought before?

Love Code draws in the reader immediately by throwing them right into the action. When it finally becomes clear what is happening in the story, readers are just as consumed with figuring out the meaning of the dream as Eve is, creating a story that is difficult to put down. The characters in the story are well-developed, yet continue to undergo changes throughout the novel; a true sign of character development. With the fantasy of a strong, powerful man, riches galore, and a romance that all readers wish upon themselves, it’s hard not to fall in love with this book. Readers may find themselves rooting for all of the characters at once, which leads to the lack of a dull moment anywhere throughout the story!