Loveyoubye by Rossandra White

Rossandra White’s Loveyoubye is a heartbreaking and raw true story of a deteriorating marriage, set against the backdrop of Laguna, California. After 25 years of marriage, an affair by her long-haired surfer husband, Larry, forces Rossandra to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Larry had charmed Rossandra at the post office, where they both worked, and they quickly wed, only to witness the sparks of their romance fizzle out years down the road. At the heart of the relationship is Sweetpea, the pair’s beloved Staffordshire bull terrier who was “supposed to save the marriage.” Sweetpea has serious liver problems and it’s her that keeps Larry and Rossandra connected throughout their tumultuous relationship. On top of it all, Rossandra’s brother, Garth, who lives with the rest of her family in Nkana, Zambia, is also experiencing worsening health problems. Faced with mental and physical disabilities all his life, it’s Rossandra’s duty to help him. She travels back to her native Zambia, where she lived before emigrating to the United States nine years ago, to visit her son and his family, and check on her brother. Rossandra’s world has been shattered in multiple ways, but she is a strong-spirited artist and she is determined to pick up the pieces and glue them back together.

This is a beautifully sad account of the realistic fact that sometimes good things have an expiration date, and there’s no way to change it. White’s descriptions and dialogues are fluid and exhibit an effortless “realness.” Most interesting is when she takes the reader back to Africa, where she describes her childhood there, and gives the reader a realistic perspective of issues like poverty, racism, and diamond mining, which caused the death of her father. This story is about experiencing a whirlwind of loss and holding on with white knuckles, trying to pull oneself out of the mess. Through it all, White maintains a bold and powerful voice, and summons courage within her. This is something we could all learn a lesson from.

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