Majestic Madness: Agony to Zest by Andrea Chenoweth


majesticA collection of twenty-six poems arranged in alphabetical order, Andrea “Andy” Chenoweth’s Majestic Madness: Agony to Zest chronicles one woman’s journey through mishaps and misfortunes, to a life of contentment and hope. The poet uses her most personal thoughts to create poetic pieces that truly speak to the reader, covering all kinds of emotions that many of us have experienced. Life is full of so many uncertainties, and as Chenoweth displays through her poetry, sometimes it is okay to accept the unknown, and just try to be the best version of yourself that you can be. With phrases like “The riddle will not stop in the middle. It has perpetual motion like the ocean,” the poet continuously displays how life is in a state of flux, and that we are simply sailors paddling along the surface of the sea, trying to find our way. The use of the alphabet as a guiding force for her poetic expression serves as a nice tactic to change topics, while still remaining on the broad theme of perseverance and strength.

With poem titles like ‘Dancin’ the Fright Away,’ ‘Kind Mind,’ ‘Nurturing Self-Love,’ ‘Voyage of the Vanquishing Soul,’ and ‘Yippee, You’re Yourself,’ it is clear that Chenoweth covers all bases in this collection. While most of the poems are a page in length, or very close to one page, the content shifts while still remaining in the same vein. It could be argued that the style of each poems remains too constant at times, as Chenoweth never really tries anything too outlandish or new. Luckily, the constant theme of self-empowerment reads well across all of the works she’s compiled here, and will certainly appeal to any reader who is looking for guidance or faith.

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