Marriage by Design by Eric Disney

Marriage by Design by Eric A. Disney

This nonfiction work is a guide by Disney containing methods, ideologies, and lines of thought that can be utilized in a marriage in order to preserve its happiness, effectiveness, and ability to last “’til death.”  The work contains chapters such as “The Cornerstone of a Healthy Marriage – Selfishness versus Selflessness” or even “Money and Marriage” in order to address the various aspects that may arise as a result of a life spent together.  Disney brings together the ideas of the Bible, of human morality, and especially love – all in order to determine the best way to handle marital issues.  In the beginning, Disney claims that this book may help marriages that are struggling, marriages that are just beginning, or even those who simply wish to ensure and keep intact the health of their current relationship.  Throughout the book, Disney shares his experiences and thoughts, and teaches his methods to ensure that his initial claim remains true.

Marriage by Design by Eric A. Disney is not just a “helpful” book about marriage, but one that can truly save a relationship altogether.  Disney promises readers that this book will assist with relationships, and it is indeed hard to read this book without analyzing one’s own relationship, all while making notes on how it can be improved.  Disney also suggests that the Bible be kept handy while reading this book, so that passages can be compared to his suggestions and references.  The tie-in of this age-old, trusty “handbook” makes it even easier for readers to see how the troubles of marriage can be aided with even the oldest of techniques and morals.  Unique approaches such as these are found throughout the book, and are what makes the book so effective.  This work is one that makes readers take a deep look inside themselves in order to fix their roles within their marriage.  As a book that aims for helping others with marriages, Disney is altogether successful in reaching his goals and is inspiring to readers all around.  The only complaint about this book is that it wasn’t written any sooner.

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