Measure of Danger by Jay Klages

The trap of first-time authors: wanting to tell a story but failing to TELL the story. Jay Klages has no such problem with his debut novel Measure Of Danger. Kade Sims is a young but experienced military intelligence professional suffering from a psychological disorder known as hypomania. After returning home to Virginia, his quiet life takes a drastic turn when an FBI agent comes knocking at the door and offers a unique chance at redemption on the west coast. Kade learns what it means to be truly isolated amongst others, but also understands the power of technology.

The characters of Jay Klages are utterly believable from page one due to his outstanding detail. Kade Sims isn’t a man with clever sayings; he is someone with real problems. Klages succeeds by placing the reader in the proverbial room with the Sims and brings life to the story by describing the settings in full. A major victory of Klages is the ability to write dialogue, both personal and military, that can be spoken out loud and not sound ridiculous. The thoughts of Kade Sims are presented in a train-of-thought style and the introduction of military technology takes it to another level. Measure of Danger becomes so enthralling that it’s hard to believe Jay Klages hasn’t been publishing military thrillers for years. Unfortunately, the final chapters lose the detail and bulkiness of the middle sections, but most readers will be pleased by the swift action and overall depth of the characters. The military knowledge of Klages is clearly his bread and butter, but his overall style and attention to detail proves that he can write about anything that he wants to. And let’s hope that he does.

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