Memoirs of a Game Dealer by Jeremy Jones

Memoirs of a Game Dealer by Jeremy “Gambol” Jones

gameMemoirs of a Game Dealer by Jeremy “Gambol” Jones is a book about the daily life of a casino game dealer. The book tells a little bit about the game dealer’s life growing up, about his college experience, and how he came to the decision that he wanted to work in a casino. It mostly focuses on what it’s like in the casino itself, telling about the staff and how things are run- as well as describing what the players are like in great detail. The book tells of the game dealer’s training and his first year of working as a dealer through journal style entries which give it a very real and personal view into the world of the casino.

During his time spent as a dealer, it is plain to see Gambol’s disgruntled attitude and general disdain for most of the casino patrons. He also seems to dislike much of the staff, and frequently describes the people he comes in contact with as “degenerates.” It is somewhat disappointing that the game dealer develops such a negative outlook about a job he at first so looked forward to, but his description of the people and events clearly show how easy it would be to become jaded in this type of environment. Filled with interesting and often humorous anecdotes, the book makes the reader feel as if they are right there in the casino with the author. It is a fast-paced read that is difficult to put down, and it is edgy as well as exciting.

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