Memphis Hoodoo Murders by Kathryn Rogers


hoodooAddie Jackson is not your average college student. For starters, she lives with her slightly odd grandparents in a not-so-nice part of Memphis, Tennessee. Most of her life revolves around taking care of her grandparents and trying to keep a low profile in her neighborhood instead of going on dates, talking about new music, and having fun. When her grandparents’ behavior becomes even more bizarre, there are break-ins at the church the family attends, and she begins to have dreams that come true, Addie becomes even more aware of the strange life she is living. She begins to believe that her grandparents have been hiding something from her for her entire life, something big, something that could put everyone’s lives in danger. Something that could mean that Hoodoo magic is real.

Kathryn Rogers’ novel, Memphis Hoodoo Murders, immediately catches the reader with an exciting title and a surprising first chapter. While the plot of the novel keeps the reader turning pages and hoping for the best, characters are surface-level, dialogue feels forced or even boring, and comas are frequently misused. The plot of Rogers’ novel creeps along slowly and even climatic events leave something to be desired. While Addie is a college student who has been living a full life, she has the emotional and mental depth of a student entering high school. The story simply never takes off or really sweeps away the imagination, despite the big potential that it has. Memphis Hoodoo Murders simply leaves you wishing for more.

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