Merry Christmas in the Sea by Lucy Herman


merryA beautifully illustrated story that is perfect to read to children before bedtime, especially during the holiday season, Merry Christmas in the Sea, written by Lucy Herman and illustrated by David Anderson is a delightful and colorful book. The story starts off with a frog leading some children into the realm underwater, a place he calls the land of melted snow. Under the sea we are taken on a journey where we quickly realize that the fish, sea turtles, dophins, octopi, and many other sea creatures also celebrate Christmas in a festive way. There are coral Christmas trees that the fish adorn with seashells and starfish shining bright like the stars in the sky. The little fish are anxious for Santa to arrive, just as young children are, but instead of his sled being pulled by reindeer, underwater his sleigh is driven by a band of seahorses. This tale reminds us that so many different people (and perhaps even animals) take joy in celebrating the festive time that is Christmas.

The rhyming narrative of this story is easy enough for children to read on their own, or for a parent to read aloud to them. The illustrations are very well done and fit in perfectly with the text on each page. Every aspect of this book fits together perfectly. We commend Lucy Herman for coming up with an original Christmas story that hasn’t been seen before, and for David Anderson’s wonderful illustrations that add such vibrancy. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a young child you know that loves sea life, Merry Christmas in the Sea would a great option, as it is a book they’re sure to love.

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