Merry Christmas, Little Owl by Hilary Hawkes

four stars

Merry Christmas, Little Owl! written by Hilary Hawkes and illustrated by Richard Hawkes tells the story of Little Owl and another owl named Ollie. Little Owl is confused and frustrated about the fact that owls sleep during the day, and are awake at night, when everyone else is asleep. Ollie explains to him the benefits of owl’s routine on a regular basis, and goes even further by telling Little Owl about the benefits it has this time of the year, as it is Christmas Eve. Ollie tells Little Owl about the stars, and how owls would have been the first ones to see the angels come down to the shepherds to tell them about the arrival of baby Jesus on Christmas. Owls would have been able to witness baby Jesus being born in the manger and all the joy that it brought. Furthermore, Owls might even be able to see Father Christmas fly through the sky and deliver presents around the world to the children who’ve been good. After finding out all of this information, Little Owl is happy owls are awake in the night, as he wonders if he too will receive a Christmas present.

This story does a nice job bringing in the story of Christmas in an unexpected way, by having an older owl explain it to a younger owl, and how they can see certain things unfold that you would not expect them to be paying attention to. The narrative is engaging, and just the right length to read to a child before bedtime, especially during the Christmas season. The book is very colorful and the illustrations are nice, although some of them do appear a little rough around the edges, but that may just be a stylistic choice that the author and illustrated were going for.

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