Mi Puta by King Author

A novel that explores the themes of love, power, eroticism, and self-sacrifice, Mi Puta by King Author (the author’s pen name) is an intense story about how our drastic actions affect not only ourselves, but the people we care for the most. The main character is a French woman named Ni’al Reagle, who functions both as the protagonist and the antagonist. She has an impressive career in the fashion industry in San Francisco, as she is the founder of Reagle Designs, an international fashion house. She also has two adorable children, and a wife who loves her. Seemingly, she has it all, but as the power and corruption take her over, leading to sexual escapades that consume her completely, her life starts to break apart as her wife, Alexandria learns the truth. While Ni’al is more of an intense character who is always going after what she wants and not thinking twice about, Alexandria is a more gentle soul, compassionate and dedicated to those she loves. The dichotomy of these two women eventually causes them to clash as Ni’al’s behavior spirals out of control, causing her to lose more than she ever thought possible, as tragedy comes to claim her soul.

Mi Puta, which literally translates from Spanish to English as ‘my bitch’ is a whirlwind of a book, in case you couldn’t tell from the synopsis above. The author aims to tackle quite a lot in her narrative, and while the story is definitely an interesting one that keeps the pages turning, sometimes it feels as if there is too much going on in order for the reader to keep track of the action. I applaud the way the lesbian characters are so strong and sure of themselves, as this book is an entertaining addition to the list of erotic LGBT books that are out there. The book ends rather abruptly, but from the ‘to be continued’ message on the last page, it seems that we may not be completely done with the character of Ni’al Reagle, or she with us.