Miller’s View by M.W. Potts

four stars

When Detective Jonathan Miller put on a pair of rose-tinted glasses he found in a victim’s apartment, he never expected to see what unfolded before his eyes—and he never expected the images to draw his heart into the ensuing investigation. Miller’s View by M. W. Potts is a thoroughly intriguing story of murder, mystery, and magic that follows Miller as he tracks down a killer and searches for a beautiful young woman who’s captivated both his professional and personal interests, hoping that they are not one in the same. Aided by visions of the past, as delivered through the rose-tinted glasses, Miller slowly but surely discovers clues surrounding the murder of a private investigator on assignment in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, and is confounded by the feelings he has for the gorgeous woman the investigator was tracking. Miller’s murder investigation carries him deep into the underworld of Louisiana’s mystical river culture and eventually exposes a tangled web of dark secrets and deception that ensnares everyone he encounters, including those closest to him—and, at the center of the web is one woman, though she’s not exactly who Miller thinks she is.

A mixed-genre book if ever there was one, Miller’s View cleverly fuses elements of the classic whodunit together with just the right amount of romance and a touch of supernatural suspense. The incorporation of “magical glasses” into a murder mystery may, at first gloss, seem a little disjointed, but M. W. Potts smoothly incorporates this twist in a seamless fashion that only adds to the numinous aura created by the book’s setting and shadowy, intertwined characters. All told, Miller’s View is a compelling read—and a quick one, too. It’s a rather short novel with powerful momentum that’ll have you turning pages until the very end.

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