Miller’s View: The Case of the Blue Diamonds by Marlene W. Potts

four stars

viewMarlene W. Potts third novel in the crime thriller series about Detective Jonathan Miller is action packed and filled with mystery with a dose of fantasy. Detective Miller’s cunning deduction skills and boundless energy propel the narrative as he and his team attempt to trace the blue diamonds and the corrupt group that uses the diamonds for their evil agenda. At the heart of the story is Detective Miller’s love interest Callie, whose pure heart acts as a guiding light for the Detective during the most harrowing moments in the novel. As the two become closer and begin to plan their lives together, Callie comes into harms way as a tool to lure Miller towards danger. Their love is steadfast throughout the adventure but threats to their lives loom above their heads as the novel closes with unfinished business with the evil characters.

Potts’s narrative is mysterious and adventurous, if at times closely following what could easily be an episode of a crime drama. Although there is no court drama and a murder is not central to the overall story, the plot line follows the stereotypical crime novel. The novel does, however, provide interesting commentary on said crime genre by showing the unique role love, friendship, and family play in the lives of both law abiding detectives and, in this version, corrupt diamond smugglers. Potts is also able to navigate an impressive and diverse cast of characters in a way that the reader can easily follow. Fans of Detective Miller will find this installment in the series exciting while the cliffhanger suggests that there is more evil for him to find and root out.