Mind What Matters by John Viscount

Mind What Matters: A Pep Talk for Humanity by John Viscount

Mind What Matters is, as Viscount puts it, “the next stage” on his quest for peace and happiness. Drawing from his experiences and the historical accounts of others, Viscount’s spiritual-guideline narrative addresses how peace and happiness can be achieved through mindfulness. Viscount covers common but pertinent human concepts that have been hot topic conundrums since the beginning of recorded human history. Topics range from simple to complex, such as hope, joy, love, laughter, and kindness, to death, intolerance, struggle, and war. In a simplified format, attaining peace and happiness is a learned practice — a mind-over-matter situation — of not allowing external circumstances to dictate one’s choices. Viscount closes each chapter with upbeat exhortations to practice and thought provoking quotes on which to ruminate.

Creator of the award-winning short film for peace entitled Admissions, Viscount has captured his spiritual experiences and musings and placed them in written form to offer help and encouragement to others. His narrative is very engaging and non-threatening. A combination of first, second, and third voices, the encounters, whether personal or otherwise, that he shares about the human journey, garner a positive reader response, and segue seamlessly to his light but nonetheless challenging exhortations that can be very life changing if taken to heart. For example, on the issue of struggling, he offers this piece of advice:  “Today, take a look at the headaches and mindaches in your life and listen to what they are telling you. Better yet, listen to what you are telling you.” While Viscount presents a plethora of excellent and extremely helpful food for thought, religious critics may find his viewpoint on heaven “as a state of mind” leaning more toward some strange New Age ethereal thinking. Clearly, Viscount’s narrative requires readers to keep an open mind. Yet his portrayals of the human journey are purely realistic and down to earth. Very insightful and thought provoking, Mind What Matters truly offers answers in the quest for peace and happiness.

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