Mirage by D.L. Teamor

Mirage by D. L. Teamor


mirageD. L. Teamor’s novel Mirage spans an extraordinary number of years, traveling across barriers of time, race, and gender to paint a portrait of the “mirage” that is the difference between colors of skin. Mirage begins in the era of American slavery, planting its readers into the story of a woman afflicted by her status as a slave and the lecherously amorous affections of her white master. This is where the tale begins, and it spirals out through generations of couples resulting from that one initial beginning, making its way so far into the future that “Martin King” makes a brief appearance. Teamor takes on complex and sensitive topics of the stereotypes and injustices inflicted upon not only those of a darker skin but also those of the feminine gender. Mirage refuses to shy away from difficult subjects of racism and sexism throughout the decades and instead tackles them headlong through her powerful and single-minded female characters. The story evokes devastating scenes of violence, tearful scenes of romance, inspiring scenes of integrity, and haunting scenes of heartbreak to carry the readers along a heart-wrenching and ultimately optimistic and thought-provoking ride.

Teamor offers a look at race with her Mirage that muddies previously distinctly drawn lines, blurring boundaries that once could get a man or a woman killed for being on the wrong side. A powerful statement about the science behind race and the emotions behind racism, Mirage is a useful text in the study of modern work on the culture behind racism. However, it perhaps could be observed that these are not new studies. Many texts have handled the same or similar subjects before, with equal or greater complexity. Additionally, the characters that Teamor proffers serve primarily as archetypes for her philosophical viewpoints, never developing a deeper life or demeanor of their own, the successful result of which could have heralded a more commanding and stimulating text.

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