Miss Fortune by Albina Hume

All Albina Hume wanted was to either hide her inability to pronounce the letter “R” or correct it. Never did she think her inability would take her down the paths that it did. She struggled to find ways to hide her mispronunciation including trying to learn English. Her journey begins with her fear of being unable to find love and get married because a boy in her class called her a “crow” and in her mind ‘who would want to marry a crow?’ This instills her fear of the inability to pronounce words that start with the letter R. That fear takes her down many roads including a pyramid beauty business, strip clubs, and even a prison cell for 51 days. She encounters con men, unhealthy relationships and more. Everything she goes through drives her to find her dreams, yet she is held back by her fears. Once she releases those fears, the possibility for her dreams become endless.

From the very beginning, in the prologue, Hume pulls at the readers’ emotions as she describes her excitement for her wedding. While being introduced to the story, readers can’t help but wonder what significance the day has, until she reveals this day also happens to be the same date she was raped 10 years prior. Hume mentions this incident early on in the story giving the impression that the book will follow her journey to overcome it and the emotions related to the act. But once readers get to that point, it is done and over with, and Hume moves on to something else. With that being said the rest of the books keeps readers mystified as Hume struggles with her inability to pronounce the letter ‘R’, to being conned into traveling to Greece illegally, and being in jail for several days among other things. Despite everything the story is that of a woman who overcomes all her struggles to find that it is possible for dreams to come true. The tone of the book is very casual as if the author is speaking to a close personal friend; this allows the reader to feel connected with her and her story. It is very well written, and a great book to add to any collection.

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