Missy’s Big Adventure by Cassandra Ricks


A children’s story about a little kitten who wanders away from home, Missy’s Big Adventure written by Cassandra Ricks teaches children the importance of listening to their parents. Missy is just a curious young kitten who loves adventure, and through her naivety and cluelessness about the dangers of the world around her, she disobeys her mother’s warning to stay in the yard. At first Missy just claims she will only go a little ways away, getting back in time before her mother even notices, but it’s not long before she wanders a great distance. Through interacting with ducks in the water, waking up a sleeping Mr. Owl, playing with Ralph the Raccoon and Peter the Possum, Missy is having a great time exploring her neighborhood and learning more about the other animals and herself. Unfortunately, the good times end there, as on her way back to her mother she is confronted by an enormous bear who isn’t as friendly as the other animals she’s met along her adventure.

While this story shows that going for an adventure can be fun, it also displays to children how important it is to listen to a rule that your mother or father gives you. Missy is lucky enough to escape the clutches of the bear, but she wouldn’t have even been in such danger if she just would have listened to her mother in the first place. The story has a nice pace to it, and Ricks has created a fun and easy to follow tale, but we didn’t find anything too terribly original about the narrative. Missy is a fun, adventurous, outgoing kitten, but there is nothing that truly sets her apart from any other children’s book character. The copy we reviewed was without illustrations, so we cannot comment on any artwork, but we are sure that the addition of some colorful drawings would surely help the book shine even further.