Mister Rainbow in the Case of the Morgue the Merrier by C. S. Boag


morgueBertie Thomas has found himself in a bit of trouble, more like a lot of trouble. The kind of trouble you can’t come back from. He has been linked some terrorist activity and is looking for a way out. Terrorists want to recruit him but he’s too terrified to oblige. Instead, he calls in Rainbow who finds himself in the thick of an affair that threatens to end in a bloodbath. Can Rainbow prevent it? Will his gorgeous former girlfriend help or hinder his mission? Is Babychino – the beautiful dame who suddenly be bops into his life, complete with equaliser – all she’s cracked up to be? And what’s happened to his daughter Imogene? As Rainbow wades deeper into the mire, the case assumes what his Aunt Rube calls the color of memory: indigo, or should that be indiquo or indicio? One thing’s for sure the morgue has never been busier.

C.S. Boag has done it again with his newest detective thriller in the Rainbow series. Written with deft humor and a witty turn of phrase, this latest installment sends Rainbow into the bowels of Sydney to stumble his way to the truth. Rainbow falls into all heaps of trouble along the way to help a young man get out of trouble. Boag’s characters and plot are developed with humor and convincing action that bring the reader along through the gripping storyline. With his quirky sense of humor, Boag leaves the reader wondering what will happen next and who will be responsible. Knowing that Rainbow is on the case means that the ride will be exciting and funny.

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