Mole Hills by Jeanie M. Herold


HeroldPoetry often produces very vivid images as you read over the words that the poet has put together on the page in front of you. In a collection of poetry entitled Mole Hills, by Jeanie M. Herold, she does more than just create a picture with her vibrant descriptions and rhymes, she couples her poems alongside beautiful photographs that accentuate her words and create a sense of calming balance. It is clear from her heartbreaking words that Herold has suffered loss in her life, but it is through the beauty of the natural world that surrounds her that brings about a strong sense of faith and the will to persevere even when times are hard.  The poems in this collection often focus on the outdoors, especially animals, foliage and the changes that go on in the sky. The poems connect well with the images, such as with ‘This Old Bridge’ and ‘Oh My Soul.’ The poem, ‘Just What You Know’ is an especially whimsical rhyming piece that is paired with a fun photograph of a cardinal sticking his head out from behind a fence.

This collection contains a lot of images of birds, so it would be great for any bird enthusiast who enjoys poetry. The photographs are all very delightful, and the poems are quick, easy reads, that people of all ages can enjoy. It would be great as a coffee table book, or as a present to someone who enjoys nature. Herold has a way of using her words in simple and concise ways to elicit about a significant meaning, which is a talent that not a lot of poets have. The brilliant colors of her photographs shine through, just as her words do, in this excellent book of poetry.

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