Monster by Ben Burgess Jr

Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.

Ken Ferguson has one simple desire, to live a carefree life with a beautiful woman at his side. However, as the harrowing and suspenseful story unravels in the thriller ‘Monster’ by Ben Burgess Jr., it is clear that things are never going to be easy for Ken. Bullied and harassed because of the color of his skin while growing up, Ken suffered as he sought out the affection of someone who would show him love, as his family life was anything but stable. Ken swore to himself that he would never be the womanizing, controlling man that his father was. But after he is cheated on and dumped by the love of his life, Ken undergoes a period of darkness that begins his decent into a territory of shadows. He begins to go on one night stands, sleeping with dozens of women with no care for their feelings or emotions. Eventually he falls for a girl named Ashley, but just as she gets him to drop his guard; she hurts him in an unequivocal way, causing Ken to spiral out of control, transforming him into a monster.

This book realistically explores what causes the human soul to be vulnerable, as Ken is damaged time and time again, regardless of the actions he makes. Burgess willfully narrates this tale in such a way that it almost reads like the autobiography of Ken, as if he is explaining his own weaknesses and why he acts out in the terrible ways that he does. The story is fast paced, and the descriptions of sex, partying, drinking and misbehaving are ever present, but they are depicted in a gritty and realistic way that works well for this dark tale. The dialogue is vibrant, and the characters who speak are fully formed, helping to shape Monster as a highly enjoyable read.

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