Morgan 512 by H.C. Schaffer

four stars

morgan 512A family drama that follows two brothers and their uncle who is a Catholic priest and high ranking official in the Vatican, Morgan 512 is a suspenseful narrative that will have you on the edge of your seat. Paul Morgan has always lived in the shadow of his older brother Lewis, ever since they were teenagers at North Hollywood High School. Lewis was the straight A student who seemed to excel at everything, while Paul was the screw-up, spending a great deal of his time in detention. When Lewis graduates from high school, something happens that changes the entire dynamic of the Morgan family, altering the lives of both brothers, their sisters, and parents. The devout Catholic family is forever changed, and as time goes on, Paul tries to figure out what exactly happened to Lewis, suspecting that he was influenced by their uncle, Father Morgan. Paul does everything he can to learn Father Morgan’s secret, always coming back to Lewis’ graduation, and propelling himself forward into a web of deceit deep in the Vatican as he aims to stop his uncle’s evil plot, which if revealed, would be sure to shock the world.

An intriguing tale of familial relations, religion, secrets, lies, and how brothers can both love and hinder one another, Morgan 512 is a well-constructed novel that keeps readers interested from beginning to end. At the start of the novel, we learn about the Morgan brothers, their relationship with one another, and how they differ. The characterizations Schaffer uses allows both of the brothers to stand out in different ways. While Paul is certainly the heart of the book, Lewis is also fully developed, as are all of the supporting cast. Part mystery, part thriller, part family drama, Morgan 512 has something to offer everyone who is looking for a gripping read, with an ending that is sure to not disappoint.

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