Mother’s Six Marines by Frank A. Reed Jr.

Mother’s Six Marines, a memoir, by Frank A. Reed Jr. tells the story of Gladys M. Enders Reed’s five sons, and her husband, Frank A. Reed Sr. After a brief introduction to the set up of the book, and some background information on Gladys’ upbringing and kind personality, the reader is introduced to each of the six marines, as each of their lives, accomplishments, and hardships are described over the course of a few pages. The narrative explains which conflicts each marine served in, and how they moved on in life after their tours of duty were completed, getting married and raising families of their own. Of the five sons of Gladys and Frank Sr., only one, Ralph, stayed with the Marines and made a long and well-decorated career out of being in the service.  Between them, these six Marines served in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, offering up their bravery and talents to the United States of America.

Although this is a very short book, it is well put together, and organized in a reader-friendly fashion. The photographs at the back of the book add a nice touch to the short biographies of each of the men that are described in the earlier pages. While it is not really a memoir, and more of a collection of biographical vignettes, its form follows function to portray insight into who these men were. Because of the lack of exposition and little detail, this book would most likely be enjoyed by those who knew the family, but nevertheless, it serves as a nice legacy of six marines who served their country.

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