Mud Marbles by Tolar Miles

four stars

There is no doubt you will be immersed from the beginning into a feeling of old southern charm.  You will, perhaps, quickly and easily be taken back to your own childhood when the adults unexpectedly ask you to help them with something.  Tolar Miles writes Mud Marbles in a first person style, which allows the colorful memory of the main character to flow smoothly and steadily.  As the main character begins to reflect back upon those early childhood years, the reader discovers how the Montgomery family held great love and respect for Miss Mincy, and how she had a large impact on their lives.  However, there were family secrets.  Some of these were uncovered more easily than others, and maybe not all were that secret to begin with.

After reading Mud Marbles, I was left with this image of a southern style plantation house.  The scene kicking off in Cotton Tree, Alabama and the pea-shelling circle near the beginning may have done that trick from the get-go.  No matter, the story continued with a sweet southern touch throughout.  The sense of real life crisis shows up now and again as well. With a possible touch of humor and the potential to grab your heart, there are scenes such as having to rush off to save Grandpa because he is out driving his scooter around on the highway!  If you would enjoy stepping back in time and get a sense of sweet southern charm with a touch of humor, reflection and family secrets, then very likely you might enjoy Tolar Miles Mud Marbles. It is slow paced and has a laid back feel just as if you really could step back into the old south.

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