Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk by Neal Goldstein

Beginning with a meeting between a mysterious stranger and a terrorist Taliban group in the mountains of the Middle East, before shifting thousands of miles away to a ritzy home in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where a horrific crime has taken place, Neal Goldstein’s thriller Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk is anything but a simple tale. Trailing off from the murder that occurs at the start of the narrative, the plot of this novel follows Homicide Detective Isadore Ichowitz and Assistant District Attorney Jack Regan who must find if these two seemingly random events that we are introduced to, are in fact, somehow related to one another. Their investigation leads to a long list of suspects and their chase to find the killer takes them across many of the iconic and well known neighborhoods of the Philadelphia area. Filled with suspense, politics, and even a little romance, this is a story that has something for everyone.

The interesting premise of connecting two very different encounters together is always an attractive method to gain readers’ attention, and it works well here in setting up the first handful of pages of this crime novel. As the plot paces on however, it can sometimes become overcomplicated, and seems to stretch out wide at the seams with all of the various instances that are occurring. The descriptions of the Philadelphia area are a highlight of the book, and are sure to appeal to those readers who are familiar with the area. The mystery is palpable and it will engage readers enough to want to know the truth, which is the main goal of any author writing a book like this. Goldstein has crafted an interesting murder mystery that is bound to appeal to many.

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