My Big Tow: The Adventures of Captain Recovery by Kyle Chirgwin

A perfect book for young boys who love playing with trucks and cars, My Big Tow: The Adventures of Captain Recovery written by Kyle Chirgwin and illustrated by Joshua Otero tells the story of a giant tow truck that saves an airplane that has accidentally driven off the tarmac. Darren is a young boy playing with his trucks in the sandbox, and his imagination takes over, turning him into Captain Recovery. He gets a call that there is plane that needs help, so he takes his big blue truck to the airport, with his trusted dog Kody riding along in the front cab with him. Once at the airport, Captain Recovery assesses the situation with Fire Chief Hoffy, and in no time they have the plane rigged up and are able to pull it back onto the tarmac with Captain Recovery’s big blue truck. When the mission is over, Darren’s Aunt Lisa calls him in for lunch, bringing him back to reality as the adventures of Captain Recovery fade away. However, as Darren eats his lunch, he is already excited about the other escapades he will dream up for Captain Recovery and his truck, Big Blue.

A straightforward adventure book, My Big Tow: The Adventures of Captain Recovery is beautifully illustrated, and the narrative is simple enough for kids to really latch onto. The big blue truck, the playful dog Kody, and the fact that the entire story is just an imagination of the young boy Darren help kids to dream up their own quests when they may otherwise become bored with the reality they are living in. Chirgwin has experience in the towing industry, and his passion is evident from this well constructed book. So many young boys love playing with trucks and cars, so this is the perfect book to use to get them to want to read!

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