My Brain Had a Flash Dance Party, But Didn’t Invite Me by Laura Linder


My Brain Had a Flash Dance Party, But Didn’t Invite Me is a poem written by Laura Linder. As the poet herself describes it, this poem is an account of a teenage girl’s first experience with a grand mal seizure. It is an explanation of what the seizure feels like to an unknowing girl, recounting a scary experience in a more fun, lighthearted way. The poem begins with the teenage girl waking up on the floor with a bunch of strangers surrounding her, she doesn’t know what happened and as very confused as to what is going on. Her family surrounds her and tells her that things are going to be okay, to go with the men as they load her into an ambulance. Once she arrives in the hospital, the doctor informs her that she had a seizure, explaining it in a way as if her brain cells began to have a dance party, one of them starting to dance uncontrollably, before all of the others joined in, causing havoc and dismay to the young girl’s body, as she lost control of herself and her bodily functions.

It is not clear who the unnamed girl is in this poem, but it can be surmised that it may be the poet herself, as this is most likely a personal experience that is being written about. The playful manner of something so serious is a bold approach, and it is what makes the poem an interesting read. The rhythm and flow of the words work rather well, as the rhymes couple together in four lined stanzas. It would be beneficial if we were able to review an entire collection of poetry from this poet, to see what other kind of work she has to offer, but this poem alone does show that there is a great deal of creativity flowing from the writer’s mind.