My Collection of Never Ending Sentences by Robert Stull

four stars

This collection of poetry pulls from work the poet wrote in journals that were kept from the ages of twenty to twenty-three. The angst, emotion, and ever-evolving lessons are apparent through the words written here, as a young man learns about friendship, family, struggle, and success. Coming in at around one hundred and fifty pages, most of the pieces here are told in short, elongated verse, where poem titles are then followed by dozens of stanzas that are numbered between the breaks. The tone and style of the poet remains consistent throughout the collection, but the topics vary enough to provide an immersive experience for readers. Poems include titles like Love Interlude, Further Insanity, 12 Poems on Writing, The Greater Blue, and Uncollected.

As the collection progresses, the poet seems to become a bit more experimental, as certain poems toward the end of the book are more playful and erratic, offering up a different taste than what has come before. Since this is a collection taken from journals kept over the course of three years, it is possible to see how the poet evolves and changes over time through his words. The emotion that is poured into these poems is apparent from the way they are structured, the pace, and the repetition often found. While it would have been nice to see a bit more variation in form to see what Stull is truly capable of, this is still a very nice representation of his work that showcases his writing talent.