My Kitchen Window by Flora Dillman


My Kitchen Window is a poem written by Flora Dillman. Within this piece, the poet describes all of the emotions and memories she feels while looking out the window of her kitchen that offers a view of the outdoors that surrounds her house. Separated into seven stanzas, all which are rather long, the prose that the poet writes is long in form and flows out in rather complete sentences. There is a certain stream of consciousness quality to this writing, as the author thinks about the four different seasons and how the world changes as the weather transforms throughout the year. Happy memories come when she thinks about the warm summertime, followed by the comfortable and cooler temperatures as the leaves change in the fall. Next comes winter and the harsh cold that she does not quite enjoy, but at least there is the reprieve of Christmas delight. In the spring flowers burst forth and the green returns again, causing the poet to reflect upon her strong belief in Jesus and God, offering up thanks for all that this beautiful world that she sees through her kitchen window, has to offer.

This work is a very reflective piece and in a way, through her writing, Dillman is putting a lot of her thoughts and emotions on display, not only through the words she writes about the different seasons and sights she sees through her kitchen window, but also through her religion that she shares towards the end of the poem so willingly. This piece is bound to bring out emotion within the reader as they too reflect on how the world changes around us, how the seasons affect us, and what their relationship with God may be. Since this poem has a highly religious nature, it may not be for everyone, but it has the ability to inspire those who follow a similar spiritual calling.