My Missing Puzzle Piece by Kristin Hoepfl

When it comes to matters of the heart, there are usually three sides to every story: what he said; what she said; and what really happened, which is usually somewhere in the middle. In ‘My Missing Puzzle Piece,’ author Kristin Hoepfl delivers a roller coaster romance uniquely told from all three of these perspectives. The story follows the all-over-the-place relationship that develops between a young PR/HR entrepreneur named Elle and a handsome hunk named Trevor, who owns a landscaping business that’s being sabotaged from the inside. Trevor hires Elle to help him get to the bottom of things and find the saboteur before there’s any further damage to his business. The two had worked together before, but their outward behavior toward each other was somewhat hostile, even though each was secretly smitten with the other. This time around, however, they clear things up after they cross paths outside of the office, and they begin seeing each other socially. As they get to know each other, the hot and heavy attraction between them builds and boils over, leading to explosive sex and a volatile relationship that’s complicated by the investigation they are conducting. The two primary suspects each have a link to the couple, and when an orchestrated ploy uncovers who’s behind the debacle, it drives a wedge between Elle and Trevor. Though the wedge seems immovable at first, they struggle to move it and move forward toward a future together – and, with each turn of the page in the final chapters, this reader was left on the edge of her seat, wondering if they could do it.

Although the narrative can be unrealistic at times, and there appear to be a few gaps in the storyline, all told, ‘My Missing Puzzle Piece’ is an interesting work of romantic fiction that incorporates elements of cozy mystery and erotica in all the right places. It’s fast-paced at times and deliberately slow at others, giving it a rocky rhythm indicative of the nature of the relationship at its center, which is sexy, sweet, and sure to stimulate your senses.

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