My Tapestry of Poems by Alice R. Baskin

four stars

poemsAs the poet Alice R. Baskin states in the beginning of her collection, she’s always wanted to write a book. More importantly, she wanted to write something that reflected on the people and places who impacted her life for the better. The end result was My Tapestry of Poems which weaves together many poems based on her life, covering everything from the exciting, colorful, sad, and memorable events that have taken place. There is still a bit of room for the imagination, as Baskin admits not every single line is based on reality. This book contains sixteen poems, all of which are both engrossing and reflective, offering something up for every kind of reader who comes across these words. The opening poem, Unity, focuses on the importance of people coming together during times of hardship, while the poem Visions discusses the loss of a great love.

Many of the poems focus on the power of love, family, and overcoming hardship, offering a hopeful and poignant stance that one must persevere through all of the challenges life throws in our direction. Even though this is a rather short collection, the poems include in My Tapestry of Poems are able to showcase Alice R. Baskin’s writing talent. By covering a wide range of topics that nearly almost everyone can relate to, the poet is able to capture her reader’s attention with ease. This is a good book for anyone who is looking for inspiration, or is simply seeking poems written in a hopeful voice.

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